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10 million students and hundreds of businesses are waiting to buy your used textbooks.

Quickly reach a motivated group of buyers looking for used textbooks.

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Whether you're an independently managed bookstore or an enterprise buyer and seller, used textbooks are a valuable part of your inventory.

Simplify the process of selling used textbooks by easily linking with students and customers. Our online marketplace produces better margins, reduces seasonality and connects you with buyers to boost your bottom line.

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List For Free

Whether you sell books individually or upload an inventory list, you don't pay a fee until your items sell — with no risk.

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Manage With Ease

We notify you when inventory has sold, then process and collect the payment on your behalf.

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Reduce Seasonality

Keep sales going even after the season ends. We connect you with students and a network for enterprise buyers looking for textbooks year round.

How It Works

Sell How it Works Steps
Sell How it Works Steps
Sell How it Works Steps