ValoreBooks Buyback

Easily increase your buyback potential to boost earnings.

Expand your student buyback. Earn extra commissions.

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Conduct a second scan buyback that leverages marketplace demand and pricing for your students.

Make students happier by offering cash for more book titles than you would traditionally at buyback — and earn additional commissions in the process.

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Increase Buyback Title Count

Get access to more books beyond the normal wholesale titles and sell them to hundreds of unique buyers at competitive prices.

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Competitive Market Prices

By offering prices that are in lockstep with the market, your store is able to keep students coming back at the end of each term to sell their books.

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Set Your Own Commission Rates

Set your own commission percentage in the app. The program will automatically subtract your desired commission and then show a quote for what to pay the student.

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Support For Multiple Users/Registers

Our Buyback Program keeps track of transactions per user (e.g., register), so at the end of the day, buyers can easily pull reporting for reconciliation.

How It Works

Buyback How it Works Steps
Buyback How it Works
Buyback How it Works Steps