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Whether you are a campus bookstore, independent textbook retailer or an enterprise-level buyer, ValoreBooks Source makes your job easier.

Our online marketplace gives you access to used textbooks from millions of students, thousands of sellers and hundreds of bookstores. You're able to quickly find what you need, place the order and move on to your next project.

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One Want List

Only interface with us, not with multiple online sellers. Simply transfer your want list to us, and we’ll handle it from there.

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Expand Your Reach

Access proprietary sourcing channels and millions of used books that you won’t find anywhere else, including “long tail” titles, all at lower costs.

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Save Time And Effort

We source inventory, check book conditions, alert you to your item status and ship your books when you need them at your preferred frequency.

Paid Invoice

Consolidated Billing

Receive a single invoice from us (no credit card required).

How It Works

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